E-cigarette reviews

Our review process: As we are an independent review site, firstly we purchase the particular kit from the manufacturer. Then, over a period of weeks, the e-cig is used and reviewed by our panel of ex-smokers and now full time vapers. This information is then correlated and agreed on by the panel and shown in an easy to understand table format, citing presentation, throat hit, vapour production, cartridge and battery life, value for money and a cumulative score.

We believe at e-smokereviews that this exhaustive review process affords you the consumer, the best available information about e-cigs on the web. We put the hard work and research into our reviews to help others make the most informed decision possible.

To review the very latest E cigarette reviews for brands and starter kits and to see the very latest electronic cigarette forum comments and updates simply click on the relevant brand name below to see overview ratings, discount codes, e-cigarette pricing, independent reviews from smokeless cigarette users and much more.

The user reviews here are great and a real guiding hand for anyone new to electronic cigarettes or simply looking for alternatives to their current e-cigarette of choice. Don’t forget to fill out the “Got a question” form if you have any questions that we can help you with.

As you can see we have electronic cigarette reviews for all of the major UK and US brands including Green Smoke, Vapestick and many more.

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