E-cigarette terms make it into the Oxford online dictionary

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'E-cig' and 'vape' are among the latest words to be added to Oxford University Press's online dictionary.

Making their debut on OxfordDictionaries.com earlier this week, the terms join a total of 58 other additions, including 'listicles', 'binge', 'neckbeard' and 'humblebrag', cityam.com reports.

'Vape', a verb describing the use of an e-cigarette, has risen quickly in popularity. According to analysts at Oxford University Press, its use has grown tenfold since it started to emerge in 2012.

Although 'e-cig' has been in use a little longer than most of the other additions, Oxford's linguists have decided now is the perfect time to give it a place.

Katherine Martin, Oxford Dictionaries' editor, was quoted by seattletimes.com as saying: “These are words that are common enough that you are likely to encounter them, and may have to look up their meanings.”

Commenting specifically on the additions of 'e-cig' and 'vape', she added: “The trend of e-cigarettes has created a sort of vocabulary around it.”

The influence of technology is clear in the additions list, with the other entries including 'acquihire', the act of one company purchasing another primarily for the skills of its staff; 'clickbait', online content of a provocative or sensational nature designed to draw web users' attention; and 'octocopter', an unmanned helicopter drone with eight rotors.

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