People will learn to socially accept e-cigarettes, Blu's chief executive claims

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E-cigarettes will soon become more socially accepted, thanks to rising usage figures, the boss of e-cig company Blu has stated.

Jacob Fuller is confident that the e-cig market will continue to grow, saying that the devices are now so common that most people know someone who's made the switch from traditional cigarettes. Speaking to, he cites this as a positive change for smokers, as most people find e-cigs beneficial.

Mr Fuller also spoke out against companies who use controversial advertising campaigns to sell their products. Earlier this year, a TV e-cig ad became one of the most complained about adverts of all-time. Now it can only be aired after 11pm. More recently, a poster by another e-cig brand was banned, as it insinuated that an older woman in a relationship with a young black man is considered to be a taboo, reports

“Some of our competitors have made ads which hurt the industry due to their bad taste,” he explained. “E-cigarettes are a product for over-18s and the advertising rules should reflect that, similar to the rules of alcohol and gambling.

“If you start regulating us like tobacco and stop allowing e-cigarettes to be advertised, then smokers won't be educated, and the alternative for them is to continue to smoke.”

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