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In the Starter Kit you get:

2 Batteries
5 Refillable Tank Cartridges
2 Atomizers
1 10ml Bottle of e-juice
1 Wall Charger
1 USB Charger
1 Charging Carry Case
1 User Manual



Throat Hit
Vapour Production
Longevity of Cartridge
Longevity of Battery
Value for Money


Our Review

We tested both of Apollo’s Tank style e-cigs (Picture 1: The Apollo Elips & Picture 2: The Apollo TGo).

The kits each comprise of 2 manual lithium batteries (350mah in the Elips & 900mah in the TGo for extra battery life), 2 tank atomisers, 5 refillable tank cartridges, a 10ml bottle of e-liquid in a flavour and strength of your choice, a wall charger/adaptor, USB charger and a handy little carry case.

These e-cigs are refillable, whereas instead of screwing a pre-filled cartridge onto the battery, you fill the tank with e-liquid of your own strength and flavour choice. This is a simple task and once you get the hang of it, you can achieve this process in about 30 seconds.

Apollo Elips

The lightweight, sleek tank design of the Apollo’s Elips is very different to any other e-cig that we’ve seen so far; think of a long USB memory stick and you’re pretty much there. It’s designed to stay flat in your pocket and it looks and feels pretty cool. Vapour production is massive and is also backed up by a good throat hit. Flavour from the e-liquid comes through nicely and the tank lasts around half a day which is to be expected for this type of design, I used to smoke around 20 conventional cigarettes per day, so please use this as a gauge on filling up intervals

Another really useful feature on the Elips e-cig is the fact that the battery has its charging connection at the bottom, why is this useful I hear you ask? Well, this is the first e-cig to have a built-in pass through, that means when you’re not out and about you can plug the battery in to the end of the charger (ie while sitting at your desk) and still vape while it’s charging! This means that you’re not using battery life and its now mains powered, brilliant and innovative design.

Apollo TGo

First impressions are fantastic, a really nice bit of kit with a good feel to it. It looks more like a pen rather than a real cigarette look-a-like, so Apollo has something to suit most tastes. Throat hit and vapour production are immense, really impressive and the flavour from the e-liquid is amazing. Sometimes with the tank systems the flavour gets lost in the atomization process, something that Apollo manages to overcome with flying colours.

The 900mah batteries last all day long, this is something that is a great bonus if you’re on the go and cannot get access to power, and their batteries charged really quickly too.

Apollo’s e-juice comes in 18 different flavours and it’s not imported from China either (like most other e-liquids on the market). Their juice is 100% developed, tested and packaged in the USA – Well done Apollo!


We loved both models; the vaping experience is well covered with all the boxes being ticked for throat hit, vapour production and flavour. The pass-through feature on the Elips is a stroke of genius and it has a cool design with a nice tactile finish, while the TGo gets top marks for flavour. Fantastic products!

Note: Apollo also sells cigarette look-a-like starter kits (which we have reviewed separately). These kits are different products and this review is based on their tank models only.

Additional Info

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  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • 1 year warranty

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